Mitau Steel team is trusted by the world's leading metalworking and industrial equipment manufacturers. Trust is based on friendship, honesty and openness, our knowledge and expertise.

Miller Electrics is the world's largest welding equipment manufacturer with over 80 years of experience. Miller has gained the confidence with the outstanding quality and responsible + fast service.

Miller offers smart solutions for complex welding process to increase production output. Industrial equipment from Miller are industry's most recognized machiners because of design reliability, arc welding quality, productivity and flexibility.

In the event of failure, we provide immediate Miller equipment replacement to grant continuous manufacturing process.

Victor Thermal Dynamics is a pioneer in plasma cutting technology development since 1957. Thermal Dynamics is a leading manufacturer of plasma equipment in terms of compatibility, pricing, and cut quality.

Thermal Dynamics offers both small plasma machines for cutting by hand as well as automated solutions for high-precision CNC cutting.

We offer to modernize outdated cutting machines, retrofitting together with Thermal Dynamics.

Victor Technologies - 100 years of experience.

STAHL CraneSystems is a premium-class lifting equipment manufacturer with 110 years of experience.

STAHL CraneSystems ranks among the leading lifting technology and crane component manufacturers and is the world leader in explosion-proof crane systems supplying. STAHL CraneSystems has wide and unique range of products with the highest standards of technological innovation and product quality.

STAHL CraneSystems is unsurpassed in providing non-standard solutions. Both in technical and economic terms, Stahl CraneSystems high-quality components fall into the highest class. We are proud to co-operate with Stahl CraneSystems and perfrom as local partner for crane building, using only Stahl crane components. Stahl CraneSystems is a guarantee of the latest technical developments, safety and cost-effectiveness.


Eckert – metal cutting machine manufacturer, operating in four main cutting technologies: oxy, plasma, laser & water-cutting; having more than 1,000 units sold.

Eckert is one of the leading 3D cutting equipment & fiber laser cutting table manufacturers. Eckert also offers a unique combined cycle cutting machines: water + plasma, that greatly speeds up the cutting time and reduces costs.

Together with Eckert we offer in-depth training for the actual production process, cutting program optimization, as well as immediate technical assistance.

Eckert - company with more than 20 years of experience.

Åkerströms has 50 years expertise & experience in radio technology for industrial and mobile applications. Combined with a wide product range, including various types of transmitters, receivers, and other equipment for creating complete systems they offer the Nordic markets unparalleled quality in products and service.