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About us


Mitau/Mitava [440 years of experience]

Mitau - historic name of Jelgava city. The city was built in 13th century, but was named Mitau in 1573.

Jelgava is also known as capital of metal works and steel engineering.


Mitau Steel [30 years of experience]

The professionals of Mitau Steel team have gained their experience since 1980-ies. Mitau Steel company was established in Jelgava in 2013.

Mitau Steel team is formed of individuals that are trusted by international building companies constructors and leading metal equipment manufacturers.

The professionals of Mitau Steel team have been key managers of leading Latvian industrial companies. Service team of Mitau Steel services and maintains non-stop operation of leading Latvian steel producing and other industrial companies.


  • Juris Mednis

    Juris Mednis Chairman of the board

  • Aģis Upmalis

    Aģis Upmalis Board member

  • Arnis Zviņģelis

    Arnis Zviņģelis Head of export operations

  • Jānis Avotnieks

    Jānis Avotnieks Head of Marketing

  • Arno Šmits

    Arno Šmits Head production manager

  • Ruslana Kārklevalka

    Ruslana Kārklevalka Chief Accountant

  • Krista Mačule

    Krista Mačule Accountant

  • Kaspars Pielēns - Pelēns

    Kaspars Pielēns - Pelēns Senior Occupational Safety Specialist

  • Zigurds Bērziņš

    Zigurds Bērziņš Production engineer

  • Aigars Ķūrēns

    Aigars Ķūrēns Electronics engineer

  • Viktors Smirnovs

    Viktors Smirnovs Constructor

Production capacity

  • Shotblasting line: 5000 mm (h) x 1000 mm (w) x 25000 mm (l)
  • 2D plasma cutting table: 3000 x 13000+13000 mm, 400 amp plasma source
  • 3D plasma cutting table: 2500+700 x 12000 mm, 400 amp plasma source
  • Welding workshop: 8 heavy industrial grade welders, 8 standard MIG welders, welding automation
  • Profile sawing workshop: 750 x 500 mm
  • Industrial combi spray/drying booth: 14000 mm
  • Inner logistics (overhead cranes, wagons and trolleys): designed for handling 10000 kg
  • EN 1090 certificate (EXC 3), EN 3834
  • Welding portal: 30 m, 4 x 600 Amp MIG
  • Drilling, punching: 125 t
  • Standart truck delivering: 13,6 m


  • Sheet metal stocks: S355, 10-40 mm
  • Hot dip galvanizing 10,5 x 1,4 x 2,7 m (0,4 km from our factory)